Silber Plus Partner

IBM Deutschland GmbH

IBM strifes to support enterprises of every size at the digitization of their business and at reaping the benefits of digital processes, products and services. Digitization is but the basis for higher utility – enterprises need to add additional initiatives to realize their full business potential: Business analytics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence – just to name a few. These strategic areas are the foundation of IBM’s steadily growing portfolio and its ongoing transformation towards becoming supplier of cloud platforms and cognitive solutions.

With offices in more than 170 countries, IBM is the foremost technology and transformation partner when it comes to developing and implementing IT solutions for enterprises, non-profits or public institutions. IBM’s employees and customers around the world collaborate closely to put their expertise regarding development, technology and consulting to work so that enterprises, public clients, cities or even entire national economies can act more dynamic and efficient.

Since its establishment in 1911 IBM has always reinvented itself and embraced innovation in and beyond technology to become one of the most powerful brands in the world. In 2017, IBM generated 79,1 billion US-Dollars in Sales. In research and development IBM invests more that six billion US-Dollars annually. IBM’s Research & Development GmbH in Böblingen, Germany is one of the company’s largest global technology centers.

In the US alone, there were more than 9.000 patents issued to IBM in 2018. On average, investors at IBM were granted more than 20 patents a day. For 25 years in a row, IBM has taken the top spot for most awarded patents according to the United States Patents and Trademark Office. Almost half of IBM’s patents address progress in the fields of AI, cloud, IT security, blockchain or quantum computing. About 300 inventions stem from IBM employees in Germany, mostly from IBM’s technology center in Böblingen.